A Garden Reflection on 2020
Pat Woolston

This has been a year like no other with so many enforced changes to our lives. HPS members have seen all their events and tours cancelled where they could have socialised with fellow gardeners and explored different gardens. However, it was a year when gardens came to our rescue and Gill and John set up Zoom lectures to keep us in touch and bring gardening into our home. 

           Two Irises and Hosta ‘Patriot’

Solanum laxum ’Album’ with Mina lobata 
(grown  from seed)

Melianthus major flowered for the first time  after many years

We spent more times in our gardens and we all had some plants that shined and brought us cheer. I thought it would be an opportunity to show some of the notable gems to each other and I have chosen 3 to start us off and bring uplift to our spirits as the snow covers the ground outside.

Keep safe Pat (Woolston)

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