Talks Programme 2021-22

All talks commence at 7-30 pm.
Note that September and December talks are via Zoom only, but
October and November are live meetings only, in the Uppingham Methodist Church
Please log in to Zoom between 7-10 and 7-25 pm. Thank-you!
Members will be asked to pay £1-00 annual subscription plus £9-00 if they wish to receive log on details for the Zoom talks in December, January, and February

Tuesday September 21st
Vicki Weston


Via Zoom



Tuesday October 12th
Jeff Bates
'Gardens of Wales' 

Live meeting in Uppingham



Tuesday November 9th Michael Brown
'Heritage Lost..
The Menagerie and The Lost Grotto'

Live Meeting in Uppingham

Tuesday December 14th
Helen Picton .
'Why Wait For Spring?

Via Zoom


Tuesday January 12th
Jim Almond
'Snowdrops and
Other Winter Joys'
Via Zoom

Tuesday February 8th
Adam Pasco
'Create A Garden
For All Seasons' 
Via Zoom

Tuesday March 8th
Live meeting in Uppingham Methodist Church

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